class Program(instructions: Optional[list] = None)#

The class representing the quantum program.

A Program object can be used with the with statement. In this context all the instructions could be specified.

Example usage:

import numpy as np
import piquasso as pq

with pq.Program() as program:
    pq.Q() | pq.Vacuum()

    pq.Q(0, 1) | pq.Squeezing(r=0.5)

simulator = pq.GaussianSimulator(d=5)
result = simulator.execute(program)

instructions (list[Instruction], optional) – The set of instructions, e.g. quantum gates and measurements.

classmethod from_dict(dict_: dict) piquasso.api.program.Program#

Creates a Program instance from a dict.

The currently supported format is:

    "instructions": [
            "type": <INSTRUCTION_CLASS_NAME>,
            "attributes": {
                "constructor_kwargs": <CONSTRUCTOR_KWARGS_IN_DICT_FORMAT>,
                "modes": <LIST_OF_MODES>

dict (dict) – The Program in a key-value pair format.


A Program initialized using the specified dict.

Return type


load_blackbird(filename: str) None#

Loads the gates to be applied into instructions from a BlackBird file (.xbb).


filename (str) – Location of a Blackbird program (.xbb).

loads_blackbird(string: str) None#

Loads the gates to apply into instructions from a string representing a BlackbirdProgram.


string (str) – String containing a valid Blackbird program.